The Knot




A psychiatrist for a murder trial must choose between duty and her conscience when she uncovers evidence exonerating the man she’s trying to convict, but his innocence has horrifying repercussions…

Old, frail, eccentric, and alone, Douglas Novak killed six children in cold blood. In front of dozens of people. To anyone of sound mind, this is a horrific yet simple case. And yet… and yet… The prosecution hires Elizabeth McClaren, a young psychiatrist, to button up their case. They want Novak on Death Row and they have a BETTER chance with the endorsement of a professional. But the more time she spends with Novak, the more she sees disturbing aspects to this case no one has talked about.

As the final hearing draws near, McClaren discovers that he may be the sanest — and most dangerous — human being she’s ever met. Ultimately, she makes a decision that seals his fate, her fate, and the fate of the world.



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