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Amber Bariaktari (imdb listing) is a judge at this year’s First CON-Tact Film Festival!

The Festival
For this year’s First CON-Tact Film Festival, we are working exclusively in a new theme: films that exist solely in their own universes; a “Snowglobe”. These are films that bring new worlds to life. The best films submitted, judged by our large panel, will all become Official Selections and will screen during the event.

A “snowglobe” film is a self-contained world apart from our own that gets shaken up. We, the audience, watch as the story unfolds like the settling snow (We owe this beautiful metaphor to fellow filmmaker Amber Bariaktari).

The Films
This year’s FCFF is open ONLY to fictional films that fit this category. It MUST be a “Snowglobe”. For instance, “Children of Men” would not qualify as it is set in a future Earth, but “City of Lost Children”, “Brazil”, or “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” would. The worlds can be similar to ours, but must be fantastical in some way and cannot be connected to our own within the story (A Narnia without the wardrobe or the world on our side of it).

So invent the universe, and tell us a story in it!

The Call for Entries
FCFF is accepting films from anywhere in the world, without restriction on runtime nor year of completion. We believe that art has no expiration date. We also have no restrictions on broadcast nor distribution, as we want people to never limit the heights they can achieve.

The Jury and Festival Director may also, at their discretion, invite specific films that purely embody the spirit of the theme to be a part of the event. These invitationals will screen, but will not be included in the running for awards as they will be our guest films.

The Event
The First CON-Tact Film Festival 2018 will take place on Saturday, May 11th, 2018 at:

Camp Jefferson
81 Weldon Rd
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey 07849




Interview of Amber Bariaktari and Edward Martin III on their latest feature The Dead and winning Best Comedy and nominated for Best Film at the Oregon Independant Film Festival. The Dead also won an honorable mention from Experimental Forum 2017. Read the interview about The Dead with producer Amber Bariaktari and Edward Martin III in Willamette Week.


Edward Martin III took home best micro screenplay for Dark Hour at Creaper Film Festival!

Edward Martin III won best short screenplay for his film Dark Hour at Shriekfest Horror Film Festival! written and directed by Edward Martin III and produced by Amber Bariaktari -coming soon from Hellbender Media and Bullet Dance Films.

 Dark Hour (Short FIlm Script) is an official selection at Film and Screenplay contest (2016) and a finalist at Shriekfest Film Festival (2017) written by Edward Martin III, produced by Amber Bariaktari -in development


The Knot (Feature Length Script) is a finalist at Shriekfest Film Festival (2017) written by Edward Martin III, produced by Amber Bariaktari


BONE COLD feature screenplay is officially selected at the Oaxaca Film Festival! Written and produced by Amber Bariaktari, directed by Edward Martin III, coming soon from Hellbender Media and Bullet Dance Films.

Short Films:

“Terminal Reflections” our short film has been accepted and showed at the Oregon Independant Film Festival in Sept 2017.


Full House (2016)


Completed Short Series:

HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD (2017) now showing at


The family that murders together, stays together!Just because murder and mayhem are part of a family’s day-to-day routine doesn’t mean that that things can’t be tidy, friendly, and that certain rules shouldn’t be followed.Join our dangerous little family as they stumble their way through murderous rampages, while remaining some of the best role models ever!TrailerComing soon!Cast

  • Brenda: Brandie Sylfae
  • Spencer: Bill Kelley


  • Writer/Director: Edward Martin III
  • Producer: Amber Bariaktari
  • PA: Raine Rucker
  • PA: Bill Kelley

TV SERIES in Development:

More on this production is coming!


  • Marie Sophia Carter: Brandie Sylfae


  • Writer/Director: Edward Martin III
  • Producer: Amber Bariaktari

Production News

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