Terminal Reflections

We all search for meaning

Deep in the dreary impenetrable badlands of 2415’s Pacific Northwest, a lone adventurer seeks her future.

But in order to find her future, she must find her past — and her past may not be what she likes.



  • Writer/Director: Edward Martin III (IMDB listing)
  • Producer: Amber Bariaktari (IMDB listing)
  • Director of Photography: Ryan K. Johnson (IMDB listing)
  • Key Makeup: Raenell Jones (IMDB listing)
  • Assistant Camera: Alexander Frasier
  • Production Assistant: Max Zabell
  • Production Photographer: Raine Rucker
  • Location Masters: Sean Larabee and Diana Larabee
  • Composer: Cyoakha Grace O’Manion (IMDB listing)
  • Special Thanks: Leo Darlin at Hidden Rose Tattoo

Photo Gallery

Pausing a moment, during a lifelong trek.
A walk through the mountain mists.
There’s something down in that gully that looks… suspicious.
Makeup artist Raenell Jones and actor Amber Bariaktari between takes.
Actor Amber Bariaktari and Director Edward Martin III walk through
a scene figuratively while walking to a location literally.